General Terms and Conditions of KUSTOD s.r.o.

  1. Ordering an education course


  • We accept applications for courses organised by our company by e-mail, in person or through an order on the website.

If the course is already filled, the course guarantor will notify you with offer a different date.


  1. Payment of courses


  • The Course is possible to pay by account transfer based on tax document sent by KUSTOD s.r.o. before the start of the course. Payment is due 5 days before the start of the course at the latest, unless otherwise stated on the tax document.
  • It is possible to pay by repayments – the 1st is payable before the start of the course and the last before the final exam.
  • The payment could be paid by the Labour Office under the conditions specified by it. The reimbursement is not entitlement-based and is subject to the approval and conditions of the Labour Office.
  • The price of the courses includes course fees, final exam, study materials, coffee, water, tea at attendance.
  1. Cancellation Conditions


  • Cancellation fee when cancelling a course before the start is 50% of the amount of the course or exam amount. We will deduct the amount from your refunded exchange rate. We do not refund course fees after the start of the course.


  1. Organizational changes


  • KUSTOD s.r.o reserves the right to change the lecturer, date or cancel the course completely for unexpected organizational and operational reasons. The guarantor of the relevant course will inform you in time about any such changes, while offering you the opportunity to participate in the following dates. If the following dates do not suit you, the course guarantor will individually discuss with you the next course or any cancellation of your order.


  1. Realisation – courses and training


  • Before starting the course, you will be contacted by telephone or email by the guarantor of the relevant course with organizational instructions. Videos of distance learning will be available to you throughout the end of the course.


  1. Realisation – examination of professional qualifications
  • When exams fail, you can sign up for another one. The guarantor will offer you possible dates. The price for the replacement term is 3 000, – Kč.