Czech for Foreigners – elementary level A2

10. listopadu 2023

The courses are designed for both individuals and businesses companies. For corporate customers, we are able to adapt the teaching thematically according to the company´s desired focus, such as engineering, healthcare, etc.

We create courses in groups according to the native language (non – Slavic or Slavic).

Extent: 121 teaching hours – intensive teaching
Capacity: 20 – limited number of people for individual teacher support
Price: 23 600 Kč – textbooks and workbooks are included
    – it is possible to be paied by Labour Office under the conditions
Timetable: 2 – 3 per week – afternoon, morning or weekend lessons can be arranged if needed


Adaptable Course Topics:

  • Personal details, family (11 h)
  • Living (11 h)
  • Eating (9 h)
  • Daily routine (6 h)
  • Spare time (4 h)
  • Work and jobs (15 h)
  • Care of health, health insurance (12 h)
  • Shopping and services (12 h)
  • Travelling (9 h)
  • Education (11 h)
  • Offices and authorities (12 h)
  • Police and emergency services (9 h)
  • Our environment and nature (9 h)
  • Contact with a major society (12 h)


Upon successful completion of the course, which is concluded by a final examination, you will receive a certificate of retraining with the indication of the language level.

The course is accredited by Ministry of education, youth and sports

Contact person:

Kateřina Ortová

777 864 504

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