Czech for Foreigners – begginers A1

10. listopadu 2023

The courses are designed for both individuals and businesses companies. For corporate customers, we are able to adapt the teaching thematically according to the company´s desired focus, such as engineering, healthcare, etc.

We create courses in groups according to the native language (non – Slavic or Slavic).

Extent: 61 teaching hours – intensive teaching
Capacity: 20 – limited number of people for individual teacher support
Price: 11 800 Kč – textbooks and workbooks are included
    – it is possible to be paied by Labour Office under the conditions
Timetable: 2 – 3 per week – afternoon, morning or weekend lessons can be arranged if needed


Adaptable Course Topics:

  • Personal details, family (5 h)
  • Living (5 h)
  • Eating (4 h)
  • Daily routine (4 h)
  • Spare time (5 h)
  • Work and jobs (5 h)
  • Care of health, health insurance (5 h)
  • Shopping and services (4 h)
  • Travelling (4 h)
  • Education (4 h)
  • Offices and authorities (5 h)
  • Police and emergency services (3 h)
  • Our environment and nature (3 h)
  • Contact with a major society (5 h)


Upon successful completion of the course, which is concluded by a final examination, you will receive a certificate of retraining with the indication of the language level.

The course is accredited by Ministry of education, youth and sports

Contact person:

Kateřina Ortová

777 864 504

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